Magnetic Nanostructure Characterization: Technology & Applications
Systematic fabrication of thin films, multilayers, nanoparticles composed of at least one magnetic constituent.
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Properties and features appearing on our magnetic structures  of magnetic origin and affecting collective response.
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Schemes of our materials on modern technological aspects such as information technologies, theranostics and sustainable growth.
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Playing with Magnetism Our educational Activity for everybody-only in Greek
Publication Highlights 1.   Magnetic   nanoparticles:   A   multifunctional   vehicle   for   modern   theranostics,   M.   Angelakeris, Review Article in Biochim Biophys Acta Gen Subj. 2017 Jun;1861(6):1642-1651. DOI   2.   Magnetic   Particle   hyperthermia,   M.   Angelakeris,   Book   Chapter   in   Vol.   8   of   21 st    Century Nanoscience, A handbook, (10 volumes), Taylor & Francis, in press (2020) .