Magnetic Nanostructure Characterization: Technology & Applications
MagnaCharta is settled in         Balkan Center: KEDEK: Building A. Room: .0.3
MagnaCharta, A.0.3, PO Box 8318, Balkan Center-KEDEK, 57001, Thessaloniki-Greece
Ovidiu Florin Caltun Hari Srikanth Rumiana Tzoneva, Valentina Uzunova Ulf Wiedwald, Marina Spasova, Sara Liébana-Viñas Geoffrey Ross Pyatt M.d.P. Morales Yi‐Wei Liu & Robin Huang
Group Seminars are held on a weekly basis May   2020:   The   1 st    MaNaCa   training   workshop   on   Magnetic   nanohybrids   for   cancer   therapy   will   be   organized   by   MagnaCharta on 28-30 May 2020 at CIRI premises,   more details March 2020: E. Myrovali, PhD Defense: Magnetic Nanoparticle Arrays: Features and Properties (27/03/2020) March   2020:   N.   Maniotis,   PhD   Defense:   Numerical   simulation   and   characterization   of   systems   for   Magneto-thermal   and Magneto-mechanical interaction with the living matter (13/03/2020) October 2019:   Visit of  staff members of  National Tsing Hua Univewrsity, Taiwan September   2019 :   Visit-Seminar:   Dr.   Maria   del   Puerto   Morales,   Scientific   Researcher   at   the   Institute   of   Materials   Science, Madrid-Spain. September    2019:     Visit    of    37 th     Conference    of    the    International    Clinical    Hyperthermia    Society,    19-21.    September    2019, Thessaloniki , Ongoing multi- disciplinary research programs at the Aristotelian University. April   2019   &   July   2019 :   Dr.   Martina   Nartoni,   PhD   Laura   Caramazza,   MSc   Gabriele   Colitti,   Sapienza   Università   di   Roma,     Short-term    scientific    mission    (STSM)    of    the    COST   Action    MyWave    on    hyperthermic    therapies:    M agnetoliposomes    for hyperthermia-based clinical approach and remotely controlled drug delivery . April     2019:     A.     Makridis,     PhD     Defense:     Magnetic     Nanostructures     &     Nanomagnetism     for     Modern     Biomedical                                   Applications (12/04/2019) May   2018   &   June   2019 :   Prof.   Rumiana   Tzoneva   &   Dr.   V.   Uzunova,   Bulgarian   Academy   of   Sciences   ·   Institute   of   Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering. May 2019 : Visit-Seminar: Prof. Hari Srikanth,  University of South Florida, Tampa, USA. May 2019 : Visit-Seminar: Prof. Ovidiu Florin Caltun , Faculty of Physics, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania. March 2019 : Geoffrey Ross Pyatt, United States Ambassador in Greece. December   2017 :   Visit-Seminar:   Prof,   George   C.   Hadjipanayis,   Department   of   Physics   &   Astronomy,   University   of   Delaware. USA. September   2015    &   September   2017 :   Dr.   Ulf   Wiedwald,   Dr.   Marina   Spasova,   Dr.   Sara Liébana-Viñas,    University   of   Duisburg- Essen-Germany.