Magnetic Nanostructure Characterization Technology & Applications
Here you may see the services and facilities we may provide with respect to systematic synthesis and study of magnetic nanostructures
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Here, our projects, highlights  and scientific interests are presented together with relevant publications.
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Who we are and with whom we currently collaborate with.
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This    group    works    on    modern    magnetic    nanomaterials    such    as magnetic nanoparticles, multilayers and thin films. Our   interests   start   from   systematic   synthesis   and   robust   investigation of   physical   properties   and   conclude   to   technological   applicability   of nanomagnetism    on    diverse    aspects    such    as    information    storage, biomedicine and sustainable growth.             Introduction Video-3 min                          Activities Video-6 min
MagnaCharta is settled in         Balkan Center: KEDEK: Building A. Room: 0.3
MagnaCharta, A.0.3, PO Box 8318, Balkan Center-KEDEK, 57001, Thessaloniki-Greece