Scope:             This    is    the    4 st     training    workshop    within    the    framework    of    the    MaNaCa Twinning|Horizon2020     project:     grant     agreement     No     857502     (2019-2023).     This workshop   will   focus   on   s tructural   and      magnetic   characterization      of      magnetic     nanohybrids      and   their   application   for   cancer   therapy.      Aiming   to   establish   a tradition,     this     workshop     will     provide     training     in     the     basic     principles     of nanomagnetism    and    its    biomedical    applicability        through    a    broad    series    of fundamental   lectures,   while   offering   the   latest   insights   into   up-to-date   aspects   of magnetically driven cancer therapies.   Workshop   Program:   This   workshop,      held   in   English,   is   addressed   to   Greek and    foreign    graduate    and    PhD    students,    as    well    as    to    post-doc    and    young researchers    working    on    the    field    of    magnetic    nanomaterials    focusing    on    their biomedical applicability. Program consists of tutorial lecture sessions. Students   may   present   their   results   with   poster   presentations   (both   onsite: A0   printouts   &   web: 5    min    flash    presentations)    and    discuss    their    results    also    throughout    workshop    and    within    dedicated    poster presentation sessions.
MaNaCa Training Workshop 
on Magnetic Nanohybrids for Cancer Therapy
On site participation How to get here: CIRI-Building A Center of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation Registration: On site Thursday 07, April, 2022 on 11:30  Light lunch 13:00-15:00, Scientific program starts on 15:00 Use of mask indoors is recommended. Lecture hall capacity: ~50 participants (50%)
Web participation How to with Zoom Posters:   on   site   A0   printout & 5 min flash presentations  
MagnaCharta is settled in         Balkan Center: KEDEK: Building A. Room: 0.3
MagnaCharta, A.0.3, PO Box 8318, Balkan Center-KEDEK, 57001, Thessaloniki-Greece
This workshop will be running in a hybrid mode with both onsite and web participants.
     Dates: April, 07-09, 2022               Venue: Thessaloniki-Greece
Registration Fee: On site particlipation: 150 euro, Web-participation: 50 euro. Please fill in the registration form  and together with bank transfer copy email to . Accommodation: Special Prices at   Avalon Hotel Prices and Booking process Shuttle bus will transfer guests from Hotel to Workshop. Route: hotel►workshop . Social Program: Workshop Dinner , Guided Tour , Excursion to Lake Kerkini  
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